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Mon, 03/25/2024 - 08:25
TB Spitoon award

2024 Spittoon Award Recipient
The Staff of Quincy Community Health Center
World TB Day – March 24, 2024


QUINCY, WA – As the world commemorates World Tuberculosis (TB) Day, Grant County Health District’s Investigation & Response team and the Grant County Health Officer proudly announce the recipient of the “2024 Spittoon Award”. This award, named in tribute to historical practices related to TB, is presented to a healthcare provider or entity demonstrating exceptional dedication and collaboration in the fight against TB. This year’s recipient is the Staff of Quincy Community Health Center.

Their collaboration with the Grant County Health District (GCHD) played a pivotal role in managing the challenges of TB. The dedicated healthcare and support staff at Quincy Community Health Center worked in tandem with the GCHD team to navigate the complexities of TB investigations, reaching out to over 30 people who had close contact with TB. Their collaborative efforts ensured that those potentially exposed received timely screening and treatment and safeguarding public health.

Grant County Health District extends its heartfelt appreciation to Quincy Community Health Center for their invaluable partnership and support in the ongoing battle against TB. Their dedication demonstrates the spirit of partnership and shared responsibility in eliminating TB from our communities.

History of the Spittoon and Their Link to TB