Womens health

Our clinics offer a full spectrum of women’s health services to the community. Our physicians, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners are committed to addressing the changing and sometimes complicated health needs of women of all ages.


We work with women and their families to create a birth experience that safely aligns with each expecting mother’s individual needs and preferences. Our prenatal care program is designed to support women with personalized care from the first signs of pregnancy through delivery.

Our clinicians specialize in pregnancy, childbirth, and infertility.

We offer helpful supportive services such as the MSS (Maternity Support Services) and WIC (Women, Infant, and Children) programs to our patients.


At our clinics, we offer a full spectrum of women’s health services. Our clinicians are committed to providing care to women in all stages of life. We understand that women have changing and sometimes complicated health needs.

Well-Woman Exams

Well-woman care focuses on the overall health of a woman during her annual visit. These well-woman check-ups can be for preventative care or be used to discuss any health issues you may be having. With these annual visits, you and your provider will cover general health, sexual health, birth control, menopause, and anything else you would like to discuss.

What to expect with your physical exam:

  • Measuring your height and weight
  • Calculating your body mass index (BMI) to see if you're at a healthy weight
  • Checking your blood pressure
  • Taking your temperature
  • Doing a clinical breast exam (checking your breasts and under your arms for lumps or other changes)
  • Doing a pelvic exam (checking your vagina and feeling around your pelvis)
  • If you’re not comfortable being alone with the provider or medical assistant (MA) during the physical exam, ask to have another health professional from the practice (like an MA or nurse) in the room, too.

Health goals
You and the provider or MA will talk about next steps for helping you stay healthy. Together, you can decide which screenings or follow-up services are right for you.

If you have health goals, like losing weight or quitting smoking, you and your provider or MA can also make a plan to help you meet these goals.

Young Women's Health

As girls grow into teens, it's important that they also establish a relationship with a healthcare provider. We recommend that they have their first gynecologist visit when they're between the ages of 13 and 17. If they are feeling a bit worried about the visit, please let us know. We promise we'll put you both at ease and explain everything to expect at the exam.



We accept most insurances. Please follow the link for a current insurance list.